Get to Know an Editor in Attendance: Jimmy Nichols of Phoenix Manifest

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 6.34.51 PM.pngJimmy Nichols is the Editor-in-Chief of Phoenix Manifest.

Jimmy was a writer for a long time before he ever became involved with writing professionally, or the publishing industry. Today, Jimmy, along with three coworkers, owns and runs Phoenix Manifest Publishing, LLC.

He is seeking: all kinds of fiction, as long as the project is 40,000 words or more. The only kinds of books he does not seek are erotica, faith-based fiction, and previously self-published works.

“We are a full-service publisher. We started Phoenix Manifest Publishing to use our unique experiences and viewpoints to help bring fresh, new, and exciting stories to readers. [We believe that] stories let us go places and give us perspectives that we otherwise never would have. Stories help us make sense of and understand the world. Stories are how we know the people and events that came before us. Our mission is to bring new, fresh, and exciting stories to readers, to do right by authors, to bring forward marginalized voices who often don’t have a platform, and foster an inclusive, supportive atmosphere. We maintain transparency with our authors and clients.”


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